How to become a fire fighter

How to become a fire fighter

According to the famous fire fighting equipment suppliers, being a fire fighter is a very noble profession. Because these people risk their lives to save peoples live who are in danger and some even lose their limbs and damage their faces and skin for the rest of their lives. Fire fighters have to be fit and they have to make sure that they are on strict diet to maintain their fitness.

They have to be this way because they have to wear extremely hot suites and supplies like FM 200 fire suppression system which are very heavy and if the fire is a lot, they have to carry 2 FM 200 fire suppression systems at the same time. As kids, many of us wanted to be fire fighters but some of us get derailed from our goals but if you are one of those who stick to the dream jobs but don’t know how to start then we have answers for you.

Age: the first thing you need to know that just like all the places to get a job, you have to 18 years of age or above, same is the case with being a fire fighter. You have to 18 years old to become one. If you are younger then 18, then there are special junior fire fighters. There are different departments of firefighting department, the max age to apply in a firefighting department is 25 and if you apply in operational department then 35 is the max age limit.

Education: you need to have a high school diploma at least. If you want advance in your career then you can take the fire science exams and you might also have to learn about paramedics.

Physical Fitness: like we have mentioned before that fire fighters need to be fit as a horse. They have to pass different physical tests and they have to keep on passing different physical exams and drills to show and prove their fitness. The physical exercises include:

  • Hose dragging.
  • Stair climbing.
  • Ladder raising.
  • Equipment carrying.
  • Forcible entry.
  • Rescue.
  • Search.
  • Pull.
  • Ceiling breach.

Social Media Platform: if the employer finds out that you are bullying someone on the internet or you have delivered hate speech then you will have near to zero chance to get hired as a fire fighter.