Kinds of bulletproof glass

Kinds of bulletproof glass

Laminated glass: This kind of bulletproof glass is the actual glass which is bullet proof. It is made up of sheets or coating of resin as well as glass. The laminated glass is considered as old fashioned because it is not very helpful in many installations which are related to bullet resistance. Laminated glass is heavy, fragile and it cannot be slotted. The fabricators who are experienced has got the proper equipment and they have the knowledge about making quality systems through the laminated glass. But, extra seven to eight weeks would still be required to make such kind of systems.

Ballistic glass: Ballistic glass is basically the latest initiation of bullet resistant safety coating. These kinds of bulletproof glasses are insulated glass component. Also, these kind of bulletproof glasses were made for schools for the first time or even community centers. The insulated glass comprise of the excellent qualities of many various types of coatings. Ballistic glass is fine for interior uses as well as exterior uses and also the maintenance of these kind of bulletproof glasses is low. The ballistic glass is an insulating varnishing or coating component, it comprise of extraordinary light transmission. This kind of bulletproof glass is very much popular because of the great features that it has.

Polycarbonate: Polycarbonate is softer as compared to acrylic. When it is utilized solely in a system of bullet resistant then the polycarbonate is covered in sheets. As a result, it has a prominent shade, advancing somewhat lesser than eighty percent of the light that is available. This is quite good for a dark interior.

In the previous times, the polycarbonate was commonly used for windows that are outside due to its withstanding to burglary. A coating of polycarbonate will require almost one hour of hitting with the help of a sledgehammer. Due to some of its drawbacks, the polycarbonate is not used very much. This kind of bulletproof glass is good for places where there are forced entries if you are fond of the darker shade. Otherwise, some other material would be perfect for you.

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