The art of architecture

The art of architecture

It would not be wrong to say that architecture is a pure form of art. Architecture is a type of art that represents the designing and construction of any type of building. Architecture is one of the most booming fields of today’s day and age. Architecture firms Dubai are keen in making the learning of this art of architecture easier for all the people. The same is the purpose of a number of civil construction companies in Dubai. If we look back at the history we will notice that the very first building structures were built out of sheer need and want. With time, the human race made significant progress in almost each and every sector of life. They began to develop new ideas in which they can design their buildings while making them appear pleasing and beautiful to the eye and making them more efficient at the same time.

Architecture is one such field that we have seen since way back in time. Till nor we have seen some very drastic and major changes in the architecture and how the buildings are structured and designed now. Historic architecture is very rich. In this article we will be telling you about a few types of some of the most historic architecture. These are listed below in this article.

Ancient Egyptian architecture

The Egyptian empire was one of the strongest empire of the history. Just like they have a remarkable history, their architecture is also not behind much. The great pyramid of Giza is the thing that pops instantly to the mind when we talk about the Egyptian architecture. However it is not the only thing that is the highlight of the architecture. Apart from pyramids, Egyptian architecture has produced some of the most amazing temples as well are breathtakingly amazing to see.

Greek and roman architecture

When we talk about the ancient architecture, we see that the Greek and roman architecture are often mentioned side by side. It is because of the striking similarities between their characteristics that they have with each other. Both the Greek and the roman architecture are considered as the pillars of the classic architecture. Some of the most iconic buildings are a produce of these two architectures. Their highlight are the giant pillars.