Tips to get successful in the IELTS test

Tips to get successful in the IELTS test

It’s no secret that everyone wants to succeed in the IELTS test. And we all are familiar with the level of difficulty this test have. If not prepared accordingly, you will end up losing a lot of marks. To avoid such events, we provide you with some tips regarding the reading and writing parts of the IELTS test. In addition to these tips, you can take the IELTS training Dubai to improve your chances to get achieve good marks in the test.

Tips for the reading test of the IELTS exam

  1. Make sure to always read the instructions given on the question paper with the utmost concentration before starting your test.
  2. You shouldn’t waste your time by writing on the question paper.
  3. Don’t exceed the word limit specified for each answer and keep this in mind before you map out your answer.
  4. In case you are stuck at an answer, move to the other question without wasting any time so you don’t miss an answer you know in trying to write an answer you don’t!
  5. Keep on checking your watch continuously to keep track of time.
  6. Write with accuracy without making any spelling or grammatical mistakes.
  7. Make a habit of rechecking your paper.

 Tips for the writing test of the IELTS exam

  1. Make sure to never cross the word limit which is 150 words and more than 250 words for task 1 and task 2 respectively.
  2. You are given 1 hour for your reading test. You have to complete both your task so divide your time carefully. Complete the first task in 20 minutes and use the rest 40 for the second, as it is a lengthier task.
  3. You can briefly write down your ideas on the question paper as only your answer sheet is checked.
  4. Save time by counting number of lines instead of number of words.
  5. All your answers must be in active voice.
  6. Don’t add irrelevant information and keep your answers precise
  7. Structure your work and make proper paragraphs
  8. Instantly get another answer sheet if you run out of space on your answer sheet
  9. Don’t make spelling mistakes
  10. Revise and recheck your answers before submitting your sheets

In addition to these points, your English should better than good to be able to clear the exam. And if not, don’t forget to take English classes in Dubai.

Understanding these tips is very essential to be successful in the reading and writing tests of the IELTS examination