Types of drones

Types of drones

There are a number of different types of drones that are available in the market. There are multiple drone companies in Dubai which all these different types of drones available with them.  A lot of these different types of drones are often used by Dubai drone filming company for filming and shooting purposes. In this article we will be telling you about all these different types of drones that even you can purchase to use them to suffice various daily needs of yours. These types of drones are mentioned below in this article.

Single rotor drones

Single rotor drones bear a great resemblance to a small sized helicopter. A singe rotor drone is able to run and fly on either gas or electricity. The term single rotor determines the fact that this type of drone flies with the help of a single blade or as some people like to call it, single wing. This facts has a huge impact on the single rotor drone’s performance. This contributes a lot to the drone’s stability and the distance and time to which it can travel.

Multi rotor drones

Multi rotor drones are some of the most widely used drones in the market. They have certain characteristics which make them quiet unique and different from the rest. Multi rotor drones are only able to fly for a very limited distance, they are not also able to rise up to great heights in fact they are limited to a specific height. Multi rotor drones have a limited speed with which they can travel. Multi rotor drones are most commonly used by the photographers and people on YouTube. A multi rotor drone is light weight which is why it cannot carry heavy loads. Mostly they carry a small camera for shooting and filming purposes.

Fixed winged drones

Fixed winged drones are known for their great duration of time for which they can fly in the air. They have fixed wings instead of rotors which sets them apart from the other drones. Fixed winged drones not only resemble the airplanes because of their shape and structure, but they also have some similar characteristics like airplanes. Since they are big in size than the rest of the drones, they are needed to get a run up in order to be able to fly in the air.