Eating disorder-types and causes

Eating disorder-types and causes

There are many people out there who don’t have any clue that they are affected by eating disorder or they are not aware of the term eating disorder. So in this article we’ll define what eating disorder is, its types and its causes too. We have also shared the symptoms so if you get the similar symptoms, you can get yourself checked.

When you develop unhealthy eating habits because of your mental and emotional condition it is called eating disorder. It has severe effects on our health and a person can even die if it isn’t well treated.  Eating disorder is popular among the teenagers and the young woman but anyone can get affected from it. It starts from the love for food, shape of the body and weight of the body. There are various symptoms by which you can get to know that you are going through eating disorder some of them are when you start taking small meals time to time, skipping meals, dizziness, you feel sleepy all the time nausea etc. It has a negative impact on your health.

This eating disorder also affect your mental health too and you might have to visit the psychiatrist. To improve your mental health you can get the appointment from the best psychiatrist in Dubai. It has a cure and it can be treated but for that you have to get proper eating disorder treatment.

Causes of eating disorder

Genetic factor: If you are from the family which has a history of eating disorder the there is a chance that you might develop unhealthy eating which would lead to eating disorder.

Dieting: A lot of people think that dieting means you have to starve for food and starvation affects your brain and your mood. There is a huge chance that starvation and the weight loss would result in eating disorder.

Psychological issues: If someone is going through psychological and mental issues like stress, anxiety and depression then there is a chance that they will suffer from eating disorder.

Types of eating disorder:

Bulimia nervosa: It is likely to be developed in teens and in this type of eating disorder the intake of food become more frequent.

Binge eating: It starts from when you are in your teenage and continues till you become an adult. In this type of eating disorder,you get small meals in short interval of time.

Anorexia nervosa: This is common among the women and in this case people start thinking that they are overweight and they become so conscious and limit their calories.