Facts about botox

Facts about botox

According to the experts at a Hollywood smile clinic, other than women, now there is a type of Botox that is meant for men as well. This is good news for all those men out there who like to take care of themselves and we think that being beautiful should not be limited to women only.

Men can find Botox in Abu Dhabi and all around the world for themselves. Only a few years back, Botox was meant only for people who were aging, meaning to say that they had to be of a particular age to get it done. But now people who have early signs of aging, they can use this technology as well. People will say all sorts of things to make sure that you don’t get a Botox but if you really want to and such talks are holding you back then we suggest that you read some of our facts about Botox.

The first thing people will misguide you that it is expensive. but the fact is that now is commonly accessible and now there are even Botox clinic who offer free consultation and even have packages made for people’s ease. The second thing people will misguide you about that it has a lot of side effects. And the fact is that it used to have side effects and that also very less and now if you hear the news that some had severely bad side effects from Botox well, read the full story because this happens when people don’t take care of themselves after getting a Botox done.

People think that Botox is a new invention but the fact is it has been around since the mid of the 2000. And since then it has been one of the most reliable way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles from the face. Researchers and scientists are also working on Botox that works on neck, hands and feet and the rest of the body. And when it was launched, in the first year, the industry made more than 500 million dollars and the best part is that it is FDA tested, proven and cleared.

The first time Botox was used to was to fix the crossed eye issue. And it was done in 1950s by Dr. Alan B Scott and it actually worked.