Role of a fertility specialist

Role of a fertility specialist

Are you looking for a specialist who could identify the main reason behind your infertility? If yes, then instead of looking for two separate specialists like gynecologist and best urologist in Dubai; it is advised to look for a single specialist who could offer appropriate consultation to both of you. This is very beneficial because we all know that fertility issues are not always with the women, they can be from the male side as well. So to save your time it is better to consult a well-known fertility specialist to rule out every possible thing that might be creating a hindrance between your pregnancy.

In the following article you will find some major responsibilities of a fertility specialist so make sure that you read this article till the end.


The major role of a fertility specialist is to diagnose the actual cause behind your infertility. For this purpose he will first of all collect all the past patient history like the medication history, family medical history, surgical history or any infertility treatment history. All these questions hold great importance in taking the specialist to the right direction. After gathering all the relevant information he will recommend some important tests like semen sample from the male partner, ultrasound and blood work from the female partner. Additional tests may also be prescribed depending upon the condition and history of the patient. Like for instance laparoscopy could be done to evaluate the actual situation of fallopian tubes, ovaries and uterus.


After identifying the root cause of infertility, the next step of the fertility specialist is to plan a customized treatment. There are various treatment plans which could be followed depending upon the needs of the patient. Like for instance in vitro fertilization (IVF) is currently very high in demand and fertility specialist will readily use this technology if needed. But this is not a simple process so make sure that you have consulted the best IVF clinic in Dubai. On the same side the fertility doctors will also help you in family planning. In this way the fertility specialists are able to come up with higher success rates for pregnancy by picking up the most effective treatment approach.

So if you are looking forward towards your infertility treatment then it is advised to find the best fertility specialist and book your appointment as soon as possible.