The role of a chiropractor in the medical field

The role of a chiropractor in the medical field

What is chiropractic treatment? A licensed chiropractor in Dubai utilizes his hands or special instruments to manipulate joints in your body. This technique is known as spinal or joint manipulation. It helps to correct the skeletal system and general bodily function to reduce pain and improve functioning. Chiropractors usually treat several disorders affecting the musculoskeletal and nervous systems of the body.

Establish the problems before treatment:

Before treating any disorders, a chiropractor must establish what the problem is. It could be a herniated disc, arthritis, pinched nerves, nerve damage, or subluxation. The chiropractor will use his or her hands or instruments to apply varying pressures to various joints or areas of the spine. If there are muscular tissues, the chiropractor may also rub the muscles or other painful areas. He may perform gentle massage techniques or utilize electrical stimulation to relax tight muscles.

Use manual techniques:

In addition to manual techniques, chiropractors use controlled pressure on the spine and nearby muscles and joints. They examine the spine and its relationship to the major muscle groups and the joints. It is also important that the chiropractor examine the patient’s posture, arm, leg, and foot movements and any abnormal sensations. The chiropractor can also perform therapeutic modalities such as applying ice or heating pads on selected areas. For the therapy to be effective, it must be done regularly over a specific period. Most therapy sessions last about an hour.

Check out medical history:

During your first appointment, the chiropractor will ask about current health issues, medical history, family medical history, occupational and physical therapy preferences. The chiropractor will also likely ask about allergies, whether or not you have had recent illnesses such as viruses or tumors, or if you have joint problems, such as arthritis. The purpose of this initial screening is to obtain information about you and your health history. The chiropractor will also like to know about any complaints that you have had in the past, such as headaches, back pain, or other disorders. These should all be taken into consideration when the chiropractor begins to evaluate the patient.

Perform variety of treatment:

A chiropractor can provide a variety of services. These can include spinal manipulation, hydrotherapy, traction, exercise, nutritional advice, and a range of health and wellness products. A chiropractor has many patients who seek relief from the effects of injury or illness. If you are considering getting relief from your symptoms, make sure you find an established chiropractor or osteopathy clinic Dubai.