Tips to prevent head lice

Tips to prevent head lice

Head lice is one of the major issues which is quite common especially in kids and more specifically in girls. Although it is not harmful like in terms of getting a disease but still having lice in your head would be one of those things by which you would end freaked up. This is so because, first of all it results in itching and secondly you reduce your confidence. But getting rid of lice is very difficult, although there are many options that you can opt for like home remedies, lice treatment salon, anti lice shampoo, OTC medication or even prescription medication. But getting 100% results is very difficult as a single left lice can again spread in the whole head.

This is why it is advised to work on precautionary measures and try your level best to prevent yourself from getting them. This is the only way through which you could save yourself from all the long and difficult treatment procedures. In this article we have decided to mention some of the major tips to prevent head lice so make sure that you have gone through every tip thoroughly.

Avoid sharing

Well, we all know that sharing things like clothes, hats, scarfs and towels would be responsible to transfer lice in your head. This is why it is advised to avoid sharing things like that. And on the same side if you know that one of your house member is having lice then make sure that you wash all such type of things with hot water. This is one of the most beneficial ways to kill any lice present on them because lice can not bear high temperature. Even combs and hair accessories are advised to be not shared in order to get full prevention.

Avoid direct contact

Well, it is believed that lice does not result due to poor hygiene or any other condition. In fact it is directly transferred from the one who already have them. And lice could be spread and grown in any hair type irrespective of its texture or length. But the chances of lice are more in girls rather than boys. So it is advised to makes sure that you don’t make head to head contact like during playing, talking or listening music etc. As all this will end up in having lice if the other person would already be having. So make sure that you avoid such kind of things and keep yourself lice free.